Village des Bories

Village des Bories

Historical Monument and Museum of Rural Life
A unique site that invites you to travel through time.

4 kilometres from the village of Gordes, on the slopes of the Vaucluse Mountains, facing the Luberon, the village of Bories (curious constructions made from dry stones), built at the beginning of the 17th century is evidence of the exceptional quality of the ancestral art of building and know-how in the stacking of stones, that has since disappeared.

In the struggle to find new land for farming during the 17th and 18th centuries, the thousands of tons of stones extracted from the ground to make room for crops changed the face of the countryside with the appearance of clapas (piles of stones extracted from the ground), walls, enclosures, restanques or terraces, and stone cabins.

There are nearly 400 bories around Gordes, located mainly on the hillsides. Secluded or forming small hamlets, they were used as shelters for shepherds or farmers and even as temporary living quarters often far from the village.



In these areas where nature has reclaimed its rights and that are now deserted, try to imagine a life completely devoted to farming.

A National Heritage Site since 1977, it was awarded the prestigious Medal of the French Academy of Architecture for its restoration.
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Opening time: 9 am / Closing time: 8 pm at the latest (depending on the season). Find out before visiting!
Self-guided tours. Duration: approximately 30 minutes.
Parking for buses is available 1.7 km from the Village des Bories.
For senior citizen groups, a free shuttle is available by the municipality of Gordes, except on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays.
To book visits in advance, please call +33 4 90 72 02 08
Adults: 6 €
Children from 12-17 years : 4 €
Adult groups (more than 10 people): 5 € per person
Self-guided tours. Reservations are advisable.
Groupe scolaire (plus de 10enfants) : 2 € per person
Self-guided tours. Reservations are advisable.